Information Communication Technology

ICT is the hardware and software that enables a variety of data to be digitally processed, stored and communicated. ICT can be used to access, process, manage and present information, construct new understandings and communicate with others.

The learning in this domain is organized into the dimensions of;

  • ICT for visualizing thinking
  • ICT for creating
  • ICT for communicating

ICT focuses on providing students with a rich learning environment in which they can build skills and knowledge. We are very conscious of the challenging world of tomorrow that our children will encounter and our ICT program ensures that they will be prepared.

At St Martin of Tours the equipment utilized includes laptops for teachers, iPads, notebooks for students in years 3-6, interactive whiteboards in the every classroom, and desktop computers in all junior classrooms with peripherals such as headphones with microphones, scanners and printers, all linked by a school-wide wireless network. Other equipment for students use includes digital cameras and flip cameras. We regularly upgrade and add to our range of ICT tools. Each Class has access to our Computer Lab at least once a week.

Children are encouraged and supported in using a wide range of hardware and software to research, create and present work. The school uses a variety of online resources and each class or year level has their own digital space, such as a Weebly, Wiki or Class blog, which the teachers tailor to their class’ needs. Children use programs such as Google Docs and Slides, Microsoft word, Movie Maker, Photo story, Power Point, Excel, Audacity, Rainforest Maths, First 200 Words, Tux Paint, Kidspiration, Kid Pix, Google Sketch Up and many more.

Our school is currently moving to a Google Apps For Eductation (GAFE) platform.  GAFE applications, such as Google Docs, allow students to work on documents both at school and at home, without the need for transferring documents to USB devices and for multiple students to work collaboratively on the one document at the same time.

Click here to download the Information Technology User Guidelines and Contract.  



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